Blue pomsky

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Blue pomsky

Last Updated on September 17th, Anyone who does a quick Google search for these dogs will find page after page of pictures of tiny puppies with the magnificent looks of a Husky, and the delicate body of a Pomeranian.

The Pomsky, a. But is this enough to make you run into the first dog shelter you see and find one to bring home? Some breeders say these dogs are the perfect family dog, while others suggest you should pay attention to small children, and recommend Pomskies only for single people and families with teenagers.

A Pomsky can get on well with other pets if you introduce them to each other when the dog is still very young. Almost all crossbreeds come with several disadvantagesbut the Pomsky, in particular, seems to have created a lot of controversies.

blue pomsky

Some dog lovers believe that no mixed breed should be created in the absence of a useful purpose and express serious concerns sometimes a little too emphatically, if you ask me regarding the ethics behind creating Pomskies.

Pomskies are obtained through artificial inseminationalways using a Husky mother and a Pomeranian father, to avoid health complications caused by a small mother giving birth to puppies that are too large.

The results are beautiful puppies that in most cases qualify as great companions and excellent family dogs.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Pomsky

Be ready to deal with a stubborn and pushy dog that will probably refuse to follow your commands. She may also become overprotective when it comes to you and your family, as the Pomsky has good watchdog abilities, but this can lead to her barking every time someone approaches. With most dog breeds, owners avoid these unpleasant situations with consistent training.

Daily walks, maybe a short trip to the park and a lot of playing is what your Pomsky will be expecting from you every day, including weekends. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the costs of having this dog.

These dogs shed almost all year round, with higher intensity during warm seasons. All dogs should come from responsible breeders only, but with Pomskies this is an absolute must. Instead, call an official organization such a IPAand ask for references for registered breeders in your area. You might have to wait up to a year for your very own Pomsky puppy. As well as all the cases mentioned above, you should think twice about getting a Pomsky if :. I find it hard to make a decision.Pomsky puppies are one of the cutest puppies, which we get from the artificial insemination of the Pomeranian and Siberian husky.

Exceptional Pomsky Breeder MN Wooly Pomsky Puppies

These puppies are one of the latest discoveries of the breeders. The Pomskyespecially Pomsky puppies are gaining more and more popularity. It the best family dog and known to be the perfect companion. The Pomsky puppies are unique according to their physical characteristics as well as personality. The first Pomsky puppy was bred inby Tressa Peterson and Arizona.

The first puppy was produced by artificial insemination when they transferred the semen of Pomeranian into a female Siberian husky. There are five most famous types of Pomsky puppies that are loved all around the world. Most of the people like this type of Pomsky puppies, due to its small stature and cuteness as well.

Size like Pomeranian and other physical characteristics make this type of Pomskies more adorable. Plush husky has Husky color markings, Pomeranian like coat, and a thick tail.

Foxy Pomsky is the most popular type of the Pomsky puppies with beautiful blue eyes. The type has long pointed nose reddish colored coat like a fox. It looks like that the Foxy Pomsky inherits bone structure from the Husky and frame from the Pomeranian.

blue pomsky

This Pomsky type is mostly seen in a short and white color coat. But the color of this type can be Grey, black or Red. Pure white stunner has solid colors and large size. The main features of Blue-eyed brownie Pomsky are deep blue eyes and brown double-layered coat. Most of the people like them because of their eyes and coat colors. The size of these dogs can be small or large.We take the opportunity to let the dog lovers adopt the designer dog breed known as a Pomsky.

They make amazing companions for the whole family. You can get all the knowledge you need here in our resources or at our blog. Learn about these cute, loving, and energetic Pomsky puppies for sale in Florida. Bring one home today. You can also find our puppies available for sale in throughout US. We can ship to your location.

Adopt or gift these smart and loving puppies now. Our dogs come backed with our 5 year guarantee! Learn all about it in our puppy contract. They also come up to date with their vaccinations. You also have the option to chip the dogs for an additional cost. Just talk to us for more info. My mother is Onyx, an F1 Pomsky. My father is Doodlebug, an F2 Pomsky. I come vet. My father is Doodlebug, an. My father is Doodlebug. Meet our lovable little boy, EVA8! His long fluffy hair make him the perfect cuddle bug.If you are looking for an amazing designer breed, you are in the right place.

We have a small in-home breeding program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our dogs and puppies are our family members and live in our home with us. We have a big backyard with mature trees, garden and lots of play area for outside activities. The dogs have free access to an outside fenced area. We are breeding for the perfect miniature husky-looking dog with great temperament and health. The puppies are socialized with people and other dogs, according to their growth and development and will be grown as happy individual personalities.

We are finally back to our passion and hobby after a year break. Sincebeing reputable breeders of Afghan Hounds, English Bull Terriers, and American Bulldogs, at different stages of our lives, we are now entering a new field. We are proud to participate in an international breeding program with a goal of creating a new breed of a miniature Husky. We are happy and lucky to have our say in the vision of this future breed and to contribute our efforts to establishing it.

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Our goal is to create a breed of healthy, smart, obedient companions that look like blue-eyed huskies, but are of a smaller size. Skip to content. Song of Blue Eyes. Learn more. About US. Contact Us. To Top.The Pomsky is a cross-breed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. As with all new cross breeds, the offspring usually end up with a combination of the physical looks of both parent breeds. A Pomsky pup could look a lot like a Husky, or a lot like a Pomeranian, or anywhere in between.

Over time, those variations lessen as breeders selective choose parents who posses the traits they desire, but, as of now, most Pomskies are being born in first-generation litters, making their physical variety more pronounced than almost any cross-breed seen before. These physical difference show up in a variety of ways, but the three main ones are: coat type, body style, and color patterns. Despite this fact, or possibly because of it, the Pomsky breed appeals to a wide range of people.

With Pomskies, there is something for everyone. To really exemplify the fox-like appearance they could have a long pointed nose and ears, and a smooth short reddish colored coat. This type of Pomsky is highly sought after and one of the most in-demand varieties available today. When most people first think of a Pomsky, they envision the Plush Husky. Small and compact like a Pomeranian, but having an even mix of Pom and Husky facial features, the Plush Husky is an adorable ball of fur.

Most of the popular Pomsky pictures floating around the internet show this version of the breed. As the breed progresses it is likely that this variation of the Pomsky will likely become the main strain among breeding stock and thus, become the standardized traits the breed is known for. Gorgeous and classic, the Pure White Stunner is a less common variation of the Pomsky that is highly sought after. The most obvious trait of this variation is their solid colored coat, and while most frequently coming in White, this variation also can be Black, Brown, Red, and Grey.

Sometimes confused with other dog breeds, the Pure White Stunner can cause passers-by to stop and gawk even more frequently than normal. Owners are often inundated with questions about what type of dog their Pomsky is, and where they can get one of their own. Mesmerizingly beautiful, the Blue-eyed Brownie is a rarer variation of the Pomeranian-Husky mix.

The stark contrast in color between the brown coat and blue eyes make this one of the most beautiful types of Pomsky. The variety is contains the following traits:. Finding this variety of Pomsky can be difficult, as they are in high demand. Even when found, be prepared to pay top price from a breeder, as they usually value these markings very highly.

blue pomsky

Certainly the broadest category in this list, the Short Haired Cutey is variety that is defined mostly by coat type. These Pomskies have a distinctly coarser coat that looks very similar to their Husky heritage.

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Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these types of Pomskies are the most common and easiest to find.Next litter due May 6th. Bluebird House of Pomsky!

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We look forward to their mini wooly little Teddybear Pomsky puppies. Pics of their past pups shown below. Email for info. This shows at least 3 on the right side and on the left side, puppies.

Xray for an exact puppy count coming end of April. Pups due May 6th. Can't wait to meet them.

blue pomsky

Breeding our exceptional pups requires a close relationship with our reproductive veterinary group. Our pups are started off right with "Puppy Culture" training that begins at birth.

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See the navigation bar section for more info. By the time the puppy goes to his new home, much of that opportunity has already been lost. Going above and beyond to create the most healthy, sound puppies who are ready to be a well rounded member of your family is what we LOVE to do.

Frequent updates and videos starting with ultrasounds through the birth of your puppy and their first 8 weeks are posted on our private "Families" page. Early involvement is just one of the many reasons why people prefer to be on our reservation list. We scoured the country investing in only the best purebred AKC registered dogs from proven lines with exceptional pedigrees for our breeding program foundation line and it shows!

Please follow the link to complete our puppy application. Placing your deposit confirms that you have done your research and had all of your questions answered.

Your deposit is transferable for up to 2 litters. Bluebird pups are priced k depending on markings, size, and eye color. See " Pricing " in our navigation bar. The order of puppy picks goes in order of the deposit list. Puppies are chosen at 4 weeks of age by those on the deposit list before being offered to the public. Our goal is always to further the Pomsky as an exceptional breed working towards AKC recognition; breeder reserves the right for first pick to hold back any puppy in order to evaluate for our breeding program.

Payment in full is required by the time your pup reaches 6 weeks of age.

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We encourage you to choose your puppy in person and attend their 6 week veterinary exam, microchipping, and vaccination appointment.

Pups may go home at 8 weeks of age. For our out of town puppy parents we have safely shipped our Bluebird pups throughout the United States and Canada. To stay in touch with other Bluebird puppy parents and myself we have our private "Bluebird House of Pomsky Families" Facebook page. It's a lot of fun and a great place to go for advice too! For your safety, deposit and payments are accepted securely online through Square or Paypal.It is a good thing if we have an adorable dog.

Pomsky is one of an adorable dogs which has gorgeous look. The look is like the dog of your dreams especially when they are very young. Pomsky is a crossbreed of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. If you have this kind of breed, you will enter into the exclusive club of Pomsky owners because the puppies are hard to find and the price is expensive as well.

Blue Eyed Pomskie, Pomsky Puppy Well Deserved Snack Time

This breed has magnificent look of Husky and the delicate body of a Pomeranian. So, a lot of people love this breed because of its lovable look. Then, another thing that makes this breed is also more lovable is its eyes. Some people try to look for Pomsky with blue eyes.

As you can see in the internet that Pomsky which has blue eyes is very gorgeous. Even breeders set high price for this kind of Pomsky. However, there is rumor which says that breeding blue eyed pomsky is dangerous. Is it true? Well, the answer is that that rumor is not true.

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No one knows where that rumor comes from but breeding blue eyed pomskies is not dangerous at all. For your information, Husky has had predominantly blue eyes for a long time. While, several huskies have eye issues as a lot of breeds. Studies have shown that blue eyed huskies have less opportunity to have issues than brown eyed huskies. Some breeders even have seen that they are using merles to get blue eyes and the merle gene can be dangerous.

In case merles were being used, it will be obvious since half the pups will have merle markings. Until now, there is only one merle which was used in any of the PCA breeder lines and it was never crossed with another merle because it can become dangerous. In addition, using merle for blue eyes does not make any sense because merle dogs have brown eyes genetically whether they come up blue from the bleaching action of the merle gene or not so only the puppies that were actually merle will be more likely to own blue eyes and most people do not want merle pomskies.

They want pomskies which are marks like a husky. Husky with blue eyes have been shown to be partially dominant time and time again when they were crossed with the other breeds. So, getting pomskies with blue eyes is just a matter of selecting the right stud which will permit these traits to come through in the puppies. If you are really interested in having pomsky with blue eyes, you are able to find them in a trusted breeders.


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