Multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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Multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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Solving Multi Step Equations With Distributive Property Worksheet

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Art History. Graphic Arts.Solving Equations with the Distributive Property happens when a linear equation has a term being distributed to multiple terms inside of a set of parenthesis. The first thing you must do is simplify by using the Distributive Property. You simplify using the Distributive Property by distributing the term in front of the parenthesis by multiplying it by everything on the inside of the parenthesis.

After you use the Distributive Propertyyou solve the equations just like any other Two Step Equation.

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The first step in solving Two Step Equations is to get all of the constants numbers on one side of the equal sign, and the coefficient with the variable on the other side. In order to do this you must use the addition and subtraction property of equality to get the constants on the opposite side as the variable.

Once the constants are separated from the variable, you must use the multiplication or division property of equality to cancel out the coefficient on the variable.

Multi Step Equations Distributive Property

You can always check your answer by substituting your solution back in to the equation for the variable. Return To: Home8th Grade. Solving Equations with the Distributive Property happens when a linear equation contains the distributive property. You can tell if the linear equation contains the distributive property if there is a term that is being distributed to multiple terms inside a set of parenthesis.

You must first distribute according to the distributive property. Then you can solve the equation for the variable just like you would any two step equation. Watch our free video on how to solve Equations with the Distributive Property.

This video shows how to solve problems that are on our free Equations with the Distributive Property worksheet that you can get by submitting your email above. Our first problem on our equations with the distributive property worksheet is 2 times the quantity X minus 1 equals 4.

The first step or the first thing you have to do when you have the distributive property is you have to distribute whatever is on the outside of the parenthesis to everything on the inside of the parenthesis. In the case of this problem we have to take 2 times it by X.

After you do that you have 2 times X minus 2 times 1 equals 4. Of course 2 times X is 2x and then 2 times 1 is 2. Now our equation is 2x minus 2 equals 4. That the twos will cancel and then you have 2x on this side of the equation and then 4 plus 2 which is 6. On this side of the equation then the last step is to divide both sides by 2 because the coefficient on 2x is 2 and this is like saying 2 times X the opposite of 2 times X is 2 divided by 2.

The second problem on our equations with the distributive property worksheet gives us five times the quantity 5x minus 5 equals Once again the first step is to distribute everything on the outside to everything on the inside of the parenthesis. We will do 5 times 5x minus you keep the sign in the middle the same five times five, then you bring down your equals and then you bring down your constant on this side which is Then to simplify you do five times 5x which is 25 X minus five times 5 which is 25 equals Now we have to solve for X.

These 25s cancel you bring down your 25 X and then you do 50 plus 25 over here which is Then the last step is to divide by 25 because we have to cancel the coefficient on the X. The solution to number 2 is x equals 3. Number 3 gives us 20 equals negative 10 times the quantity X plus 8. You have to distribute a negative You have to include the negative when you distribute.

Now we have 20 equals negative 10 times X plus negative 10 times 8. When we simplify this negative 10 times X is negative 10 X and then negative 10 times 80 is negative You bring down your equal sign and your constant on the other side.

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This negative 80 and this positive 80 will cancel and then you bring down your negative 10 X and then 20 plus 80 is The Distributive Property is a great tool to help students simplify expressions and equations. The Distributive Property, while a simple concept for students to understand, often causes many simple mistakes when used in equations.

Students frequently forget to distribute to all of the terms in an expression, or the presence of negative signs and subtraction signs confuse them.

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At first students will practice using the distributive property with simple equations that contain addition and positive integers. Like all of our worksheets at www. Only positive whole numbers are featured in the equations and all of the answers are positive as well. All of these problems include subtraction in the equation, but students will only deal with positive numbers and positive answers.

No fractions or decimals yet. Your email address will not be published. Solving Equations with the Distributive Property Worksheets. Still looking for something?

Search here.

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multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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multi step equations with distributive property worksheet pdf

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How to solve a multi step equation using distributive property


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